Online sales at Fogue Studios and Gallery – time to make room for new work!

“Ruminations on the tango” – 24″x24″, oil on canvas

Pandemic shut-down or not, I’m still painting and I need to make some room for new work at Fogue Studios and Gallery and so I’m putting my online pieces on sale at a 50% mark down. All sales are handled through Fogue Studios and here’s a link to my work at Fogue online in case you need something colorful to spice up your walls.

In addition to some older work, here are a few of the newer pieces in need of a loving forever home:

“Orange hills” – 24″ x 24″, oil on gallery-wrapped canvas

“Giant steps are what you take” – 36″ x 24″, oil on gallery-wrapped canvas

Take a peek – you never know when you might stumble across something you just can’t live without!

Cheers and stay safe!

Continuing to explore the oil flow as I stay at home and stay safe

“Night and Day, you are the one” – 30″ x 30″, oil on linen

Staying home means staying in my studio and continuing to have fun exploring the possibilities of oil paints and their amazing blending, flowing, creamy magnificence. I love oils – I love painting with them, I love blending them, I love their texture, I love their flow, I love their creamy rich colors, I even love their scent. So, even though this “stay at home, stay safe” time that we find ourselves in is less than fantastic, I have the singular privilege of being able to continue to do something that love.

Since returning with such all-encompassing fervor to my oil paints in the studio, I have reconnected with and expanded on my earlier oil painting style of working with the flow and movement quality that oils afford an artist. And it has been a re-immersion into a whole world of possibilities that all stem directly from oils singular qualities – the slow drying, the creamy texture, the blending of colors without yielding muds and obnoxious blandness. Add to this my newly discovered passion for painting on linen canvases and I feel almost as if I’d died and gone to paint heaven. I’m fortunate to be able to have canvases delivered from Dick Blick Art Supplies so that I don’t even have to contend with shut down suppliers and a lack of materials. I have also added to my paint supply – probably something that wasn’t actually necessary, but who can even have enough tubes of paint?

The most recent two pieces to come off the easel in this ongoing exploration of flows are “Night and Day, you are the one” and “Our minds will wander to wondrous places” – an aside, I want to thank all the brilliant song-writers and lyricists whose work I’ve reach to for my titles in this recent out pouring of new work. I hear your words and music in my head quite often as I’m working and the titles just fall off my lips when a piece is finished of late. Thank you Sergio Mendez and Brazil 66 for “Night and Day” and thank you Dave Matthews Bank for “our minds will wander to wondrous places” … the titles are almost as important to complete the piece as the colors on the canvas.

‘Our minds will wander to wondrous places” – 30″ x 36″, oil on linen

Be well, stay safe, and stay healthy. We are in trying times in every direction. I wish you all peace, calm, and clarity.

When you find yourself on a palette run, it might be a good time to regroup

“Singing in perfect harmony” – 24″ x 24″, oil on canvas

Like so many things during these days of stay-at-home sheltering, my painting has also found a steady rhythm, and, as it appears, also a current steady palette. This cooler oil palette first started to take over with my return to oil flow paintings in March. I think it might have been the discover of shades of gray that set the tone, but the cool colors quickly took over in my work … with one notable exception, “Someone’s house is burning down on a day like this”, which still grasped at the warm and bright shades of two other works completed since sealing myself in my house.

“Someone’s house is burning down on a day like this” – 36″ x 36″, oil on canvas

Since painting “Someone’s house is burning down on a day like this”, I’ve again veered back to more somber grays, blued, cool greens with splashes of burnt orange and burgundy … definitely a somber mood. “Admission’s free: you pay to get out”, “There was a world when we were standing still”, and these two recent works below continue this story.

“Comes a time when paths diverge” – 30″ x 30″, oil on linen

“Dreams in which I’m dying” – 30″ x 30″, oil on linen

Perhaps it’s time for me to take a break from the paints and canvas for a bit to regroup and find my way back to a sunnier place. At least, that’s what I’m thinking right now. Stay tuned. And, whatever else you do, take care of yourselves. We will come out on the other side.

Painting is a great salve for challenging emotions

“There was a world when we were standing still” – 30″ x 40″, oil on canvas

There are worse things for an artist than being forced to stay home and paint. But even so, isolation from friends and loved ones is trying no matter who one is, and for me, I’m finding that my main salvation at this time lies in painting and painting and then painting some more.

As an abstract artist, it’s always interesting for me to see where my paintings land at any time. More often than not, they are a spot-on reflection of where I am emotionally, and this time is not exception. “There was a world when we were standing still” is quickly becoming a personal favorite as it seems to tie in so closely with a somber sense of isolation amidst a constructed reality. Missing friends, missing my husband, missing my life outside my walls … this painting reflects all of that.

Yesterday took an even darker turn with “Admission’s free, you pay to get out”. To say that I like this latest painting is perhaps just my admission as to how crazed the internal world is at a time like we are now living through. But I do like this painting, and hope that it finds some resonance with you as well.

“Admission’s free, you pay to get out” – 36″ x 36″, oil on canvas

I hope you are safe and staying strong. We will get through this and when we do, we will be looking at many things in our life differently and with a renewed appreciation. I wish you well.

Having a ball with oil flows during shelter at home

“They say my music’s too loud” – 36″ x 36″, oil on canvas

I count myself among the very fortunate as I worry about friends and loved ones all staying home during this time of pandemic. Unlike most, I have the amazing good fortune to be able to do what I love while sheltering at home – I can paint. And I have been … with gusto!

Turning with renewed excitement to my oil paints, I am rediscovering the joy of oil flows, a painting style I dove into some five years ago and which gave birth to my first round of scarf printing with the luscious color flows and transitions that the flow paintings allowed. So, as I hunker down in my home studio, I reach for my blender natural bristle brushes and a drawer full of vibrant colors in oil that are just screaming to be unleashed on canvas.

“They say my music’s too loud” (tip o’ the hat to the music of the Isley Brothers for this title) and “Papageno” are two of the recent paintings that have resulted. What a gas!

“Papageno, meditation on the Magic Flute” – 36″ x 24″, oil on canvas

Hope you and yours are staying safe, healthy, and reasonably well-entertained at home. We will come out of this on the other end. Take care for now.

How art sales can help out in trying times

“Orange Hills” – 24″ x 24″, oil on canvas – will be ready to ship in about two weeks when paint has had time to cure

I’ve been trying to figure out how I can help friends who are facing income loss through the current economic shut down and I’ve decided that I can use my art to do so. So, if you’re interested in any of my work that you might have seen on my FB page or my Instagram page, let me know. I am going to be passing along 50% of all sales made in direct assistance to some special people in my life who are facing challenges in paying rent, health insurance premiums and even buying groceries due to loss of wages. Do let me know if you are interested in adding some art to your world and helping out some folks in need in the process.

This extends to any sales of my work made through Fogue Studios and Gallery’s online sales at website as well.
Thanks in advance.

Here are a couple more of my recent paintings that would make a great addition to any home and the sale of which could really help some folks I care very much about.

“Ruminations on the tango” – 24″x24″, oil on canvas

“Firefall” – 30″ x 48″, acrylic on canvas

“Generosity – her hands open” – 36″ x 36″, oil over acrylic on canvas

“One step away from head over heels” – 40″ x 30″, oil on canvas

“Accents” – 36″ x 36″, acrylic on canvas

“A southwest still life” – 24″x24″, oil on canvas

“Down by the bayou” – 36″ x 36″, acrylic on canvas

“Elements” – 40″ x 30″, oil on canvas

“The Populist – man on fire” – 36″ x 36″, oil over acrylic on canvas

And if you’d like to see more of my work, stop by my website: and check out the galleries.

In the meantime – stay safe, stay healthy and stay home!

Revisiting the old flow

“Orange birds and rivers dressed in green” – 40″ x 40″, oil on gallery-wrapped canvas

Staying home and maintaining ‘social distancing’ to protect myself and my community is a challenge, of course. I’m keeping in touch with friends and relatives near and far by text, email and phone, catching up on my reading, maintaining my meditation practice, and spending lots of time walking with my dog – she, for one, loves this situation!

But, I have the added luxury of being able to continue doing what I love even while sequestered in my home thanks to my home studio. And, given all this time on my hands, I decided to try my luck revisiting an earlier oil technique that characterized my oil abstract painting for the better part of 2014 and 2015 … flow paintings! Whoo hoo … such fun when one has time and patience, both of which I’m currently blessed with.

“Orange birds and rivers dressed in green” was the first piece to flow onto the canvas. The title is credited to a song from Brothers Johnson, “Strawberry Letter 23”, which I can’t get out of my head whenever I look at this painting. It’s cheery in every possible way, which is a perfect tonic for how I’m feeling and what I’m hearing from my friends and loved ones these days.

Please stay in, take care of yourself and your family, and remember that there will be better days ahead. Sending love and healthy vibes your way.

Mixed media series – oil over acrylic and pastel / charcoal on canvas

“The Grifter – man with a plan” – 36″ x 36″, oil over acrylic on canvas

In preparation for adding more exhibit space at Fogue Studios and Gallery’s main gallery, I’ve been working on a couple different series projects. The first, a series of 24″ x 24″ oil paintings is still an ongoing, but once again I felt the call of larger canvases, and so I picked up several 36″ x 36″, canvases recently – some new, and some with underlying acrylic work – and have set about putting together a series of four.

“The Grifter – man with a plan” was the second of the pieces that resulted from this new grouping, and I am quite tickled with him.

“Generosity – her hands open” – 36″ x 36″, oil over acrylic on canvas

The 3rd piece, “Generosity – her hands open” is now drying in the studio as I plan to get to work on the fourth piece. And I’m diggin’ her, too. This mix of oil over acrylic is incredibly satisfying to work with as I am working one palette over another both in medium as well as in color choices, and it is exhilarating both visually and tactilely.

The first piece in this series, “The Populist – man on fire”, now seems slightly out of step with the two that followed, although I like him very much. But perhaps he will best be left for a different series or as a stand alone piece in the future.

“The Populist – man on fire” – 36″ x 36″, oil over acrylic on canvas

Am super excited to see how the final series comes together. Stay tuned!

For Valentine’s Day, I celebrate my love of warmer and bright days to come!

“all-day breakfast buffet at Sonny’s Café Emporium” – 36″x36″, oil and acrylic on canvas

It might be rainy and gray outside here in the Pacific Northwest, but that’s no reason why it should be rainy and gray inside. My latest oil mixed media painting is a shout out for warmer days, sunny skies and bringing a little more light into all of our lives.

Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day to celebrate our love of light, sunshine and the return of brighter days to come!

24″ x 24″ is slowly becoming a thing

“Intimate conversations with strangers” – 24″x24″, oil on canvas

So, with the challenge to come up with a smaller scale abstract now well under way, I’m starting to find a new groove and it’s a blast. The goal of this new investigation in going down-scaling will be to put together a coherent show for Fogue Studios and Gallery for spring.

“the Ladykillers” – 24″x24″, oil on canvas

So far, I’m feeling pretty sassy about it with five pieces completed. “The Ladykillers” has already found its forever home with a friend before ever leaving my studio, which has me tickled pink …

“A southwest still life” – 24″x24″, oil on canvas

“Ruminations on the tango” – 24″x24″, oil on canvas

Stay tuned … more coming soon!

Wishing one and all a very happy February!