Having a ball with oil flows during shelter at home

“They say my music’s too loud” – 36″ x 36″, oil on canvas

I count myself among the very fortunate as I worry about friends and loved ones all staying home during this time of pandemic. Unlike most, I have the amazing good fortune to be able to do what I love while sheltering at home – I can paint. And I have been … with gusto!

Turning with renewed excitement to my oil paints, I am rediscovering the joy of oil flows, a painting style I dove into some five years ago and which gave birth to my first round of scarf printing with the luscious color flows and transitions that the flow paintings allowed. So, as I hunker down in my home studio, I reach for my blender natural bristle brushes and a drawer full of vibrant colors in oil that are just screaming to be unleashed on canvas.

“They say my music’s too loud” (tip o’ the hat to the music of the Isley Brothers for this title) and “Papageno” are two of the recent paintings that have resulted. What a gas!

“Papageno, meditation on the Magic Flute” – 36″ x 24″, oil on canvas

Hope you and yours are staying safe, healthy, and reasonably well-entertained at home. We will come out of this on the other end. Take care for now.

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