Painting is a great salve for challenging emotions

“There was a world when we were standing still” – 30″ x 40″, oil on canvas

There are worse things for an artist than being forced to stay home and paint. But even so, isolation from friends and loved ones is trying no matter who one is, and for me, I’m finding that my main salvation at this time lies in painting and painting and then painting some more.

As an abstract artist, it’s always interesting for me to see where my paintings land at any time. More often than not, they are a spot-on reflection of where I am emotionally, and this time is not exception. “There was a world when we were standing still” is quickly becoming a personal favorite as it seems to tie in so closely with a somber sense of isolation amidst a constructed reality. Missing friends, missing my husband, missing my life outside my walls … this painting reflects all of that.

Yesterday took an even darker turn with “Admission’s free, you pay to get out”. To say that I like this latest painting is perhaps just my admission as to how crazed the internal world is at a time like we are now living through. But I do like this painting, and hope that it finds some resonance with you as well.

“Admission’s free, you pay to get out” – 36″ x 36″, oil on canvas

I hope you are safe and staying strong. We will get through this and when we do, we will be looking at many things in our life differently and with a renewed appreciation. I wish you well.

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