Continuing to explore the oil flow as I stay at home and stay safe

“Night and Day, you are the one” – 30″ x 30″, oil on linen

Staying home means staying in my studio and continuing to have fun exploring the possibilities of oil paints and their amazing blending, flowing, creamy magnificence. I love oils – I love painting with them, I love blending them, I love their texture, I love their flow, I love their creamy rich colors, I even love their scent. So, even though this “stay at home, stay safe” time that we find ourselves in is less than fantastic, I have the singular privilege of being able to continue to do something that love.

Since returning with such all-encompassing fervor to my oil paints in the studio, I have reconnected with and expanded on my earlier oil painting style of working with the flow and movement quality that oils afford an artist. And it has been a re-immersion into a whole world of possibilities that all stem directly from oils singular qualities – the slow drying, the creamy texture, the blending of colors without yielding muds and obnoxious blandness. Add to this my newly discovered passion for painting on linen canvases and I feel almost as if I’d died and gone to paint heaven. I’m fortunate to be able to have canvases delivered from Dick Blick Art Supplies so that I don’t even have to contend with shut down suppliers and a lack of materials. I have also added to my paint supply – probably something that wasn’t actually necessary, but who can even have enough tubes of paint?

The most recent two pieces to come off the easel in this ongoing exploration of flows are “Night and Day, you are the one” and “Our minds will wander to wondrous places” – an aside, I want to thank all the brilliant song-writers and lyricists whose work I’ve reach to for my titles in this recent out pouring of new work. I hear your words and music in my head quite often as I’m working and the titles just fall off my lips when a piece is finished of late. Thank you Sergio Mendez and Brazil 66 for “Night and Day” and thank you Dave Matthews Bank for “our minds will wander to wondrous places” … the titles are almost as important to complete the piece as the colors on the canvas.

‘Our minds will wander to wondrous places” – 30″ x 36″, oil on linen

Be well, stay safe, and stay healthy. We are in trying times in every direction. I wish you all peace, calm, and clarity.

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